Sport without Boundaries

What is the problem?

In today’s society availability of digital entertainment is increasing dramatically hence, young people often overlook the importance of sport and healthy lifestyle. According to the research carried out by Eurostat, 90% of young people use computer and daily watch TV. This naturally leads to less physical activity, and consequently, higher obesity and other health related problems (WHO statistics show that prevalence of obesity nearly doubled between 1980 and 2018). At the same time, youth have less time and willingness for face to face communication and active leisure time with their peers.   

Sport Volunteerism

Instead of unhealthy daily life routines

''Social, cultural and educational acquisitions gained with sports also influence the social lives of individuals.''

'27.16% of Turkish People do not exercise/participate to sport activities.'

''Effective usage of sports by the state as a social policy tool shall contribute dramatically in solving social problems.'

"One day, I had a thought... “What if I don’t get off that skateboard?”. That was a very important “what if” that pushed me to keep going and exploring."

Domantas Antanavicius

“Last but not least, do sports and regard sports as a life philosophy.”

- Asya Culhaoglu

Name three things which sport gave you, and you value them the most. - Friendship, Loyalty, Discipline

- Roman Mensik

Most of my best friends are thanks to that sport, I can travel to many places, even outside the country.”

- Christian Arqueros

Interview with Asya Çulhaoğlu

Asya is a national athlete from Turkey having Erasmus+ studies in Kaunas/Lithuania.

What coincidences are in this journey?

If you want to hear more about her experiences and future plans as a national athlete in Erasmus+, watch the video on the left and contact us!

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